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    “Brundage is an astonishing writer…This is the best novel about the underbelly of Hollywood since The Day of the Locust.

    — The Cleveland Plain Dealer – A STRANGER LIKE YOU


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In Hollywood, every story begins with a premise, every action has a consequence.  Screenwriter Hugh Waters is confident of his script’s direction when he gets on a plane bound for Los Angeles; his plan is just to have a talk with Hedda Chase, the young Ivy League studio executive who pulled the plug on the film deal that was about to change his life.   But when the conversation goes awry and Hedda declares his story implausible, Hugh decides to prove her wrong.  He reenacts his terrifying ending – casting Hedda as victim.  Now her destiny, and her brilliant career, hangs in the balance.  Set against the high-voltage backdrops of Hollywood, a tense film set in Abu Dhabi, and the back roads of Death Valley, A Stranger Like You is a taut and provocative novel about three unforgettable characters whose lives become impossibly bound.  It’s about who gets to tell the story, and the lengths to which we’ll go to make our dreams come true.

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    We all have dreams. The idea that there is even a glimmering possibility of a new life can be intoxicating to some. In America, advertising and movies have promoted a cultural expectation to desire a new and improved life – to expect more. What more is, exactly, is up for debate and depends on who you are – but evolution has transformed us into beings who seek a kind of sustenance that takes physical survival for granted and hungers for some mystical emotional elevation that is beyond our grasp. Some pursue it with drugs; some with religion; some with exercise or work. But the pursuit is what interested me – the conquest of a destiny that promises your own spectacular brand of fulfillment. These are some of the ideas I wanted to explore in A Stranger Like You.