“…What keeps a reader turning the pages in this well-crafted work is not to find out what disasters befall the Knowles family, Simon and Lydia – the flash forward storytelling style makes that clear in the first 30 pages – but to discover what prompts each character’s actions, and to understand what motivates them to make the turns that eventually lead to the anguished, very human circumstances in which in which they find themselves. Setting The Doctor’s Wife in small town America – that much mythologized place from which expressions like “family values” are supposed to spring – allows Brundage to underscore how personal and intimate this nation’s “culture war” truly is.” —MS. Magazine

“Appearances are deceiving in this psychological thriller… a compelling read.” —The Boston Globe

“Thrilling page-turner” —Albany Times-Union

“A Page turner that will linger in reader’s minds long after they finish the book.” —Connecticut Post

“An examination of w hat happens when we are drawn to the very thing that promises to destroy us.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“Complex, cleverly constructed narrative provides a slow unfolding of the intricate relationship among the characters…This page-turner will appeal to a broad readership.” —Booklist

The Doctor’s Wife kept me up two nights – the first was the one in which I read it, and the second was the night when I kept trying to argue with her. ‘He wouldn’t do that,’ I wanted to say-but yes, he would. He would almost surely do all that. And so would she.” —Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina and Cavedweller

The Doctor’s Wife is certainly a tense and compelling psychological thriller, but it’s more than just a page turner. In her dark depiction of small-town intolerance, Brundage invites us to question our moral assumptions, social responsibilities, in short, our engagement with the world.” —Ruth Ozeki, author of My Year of Meats and All Over Creation

“Elizabeth Brundage has exquisitely captured the tension that resides at the crossroads of self and society. The Doctor’s Wife encapsulates not only our uncertain, conflicted times but the maddening, endearing, fascinating contradictions of the American moral construct. This novel is as politically pertinent as it is a page-turner.” —Megan Daum, author of The Quality of Life Report

“Elizabeth Brundage has written a deliciously dark, finely observed, and ultimately thrilling morality tale. The Doctor’s Wife is a full meal of sex, danger, and small-town paranoia which I greedily devoured.” —Laurie Fox, author of The Lost Girls

“Elizabeth Brundage’s prose reveals an honesty, clarity and grace uncommon for any novel, let alone a debut, and her insights consistently surprise and astonish. Even more impressively, she tackles a topic currently dividing the American spirit with feverish rancor and brings not just conviction but compassion to her portrayal. The Doctor’s Wife is a novel to savor, praise and share.” —David Corbett, author of The Devil’s Redhead and Done For A Dime

“From the very first paragraph of Elizabeth Brundage’s debut…it is evident things will not end neatly. No character inhabiting this story will escape unscathed from the choices they’ve made…a well-crafted work.” —Ms. Magazine

“A fine debut, full of psychological suspense, plot twists and turns, malice disguised as religion, the taint of incest, and cheating spouses.” —Library Journal