Somebody Else’s Daughter


“Students, parents, teachers, townies: Somebody Else’s Daughter is a deft balancing act of taut plot and richly drawn characters struggling to find their moral centers as they grope in the dark for the transformative power of love. I didn’t so much read this novel as devour it. Brundage is a storyteller supreme.” —Wally Lamb

“Elizabeth Brundage is a brilliant novelist with an unfailing eye for the detail or word that will make a moment resonate and expand in the mind. It’s what every great dramatist has in abundance. This new book is a riveting examination of how the past haunts the present, but beyond that, it is a relentless and powerful study of evil – of the forces that are loosed in our all-too-human attempts to love each other and find love. It is very moving and completely involving, and I couldn’t put it down. You won’t be able to either.” —Richard Bausch

“Elizabeth Brundage has a penchant for turning topical subjects into gripping novels…Sex, drugs, violence and murder are all in the Brundage mix…she holds interest with artful descriptions of the Berkshire seasons and her mastery of the varying points of view. She captures the nuances of class and generational perspectives, from brothels, pit bull fights and a Pittsfield battered women’s shelter, to the horse barns and cocktail parties of Stockbridge.” —The Washington Post Book World

“Full of mystery and deception, Brundage’s second novel (after The Doctor’s Wife) is a terrific, fast-paced summer read. Brundage avoids stereotyping her eclectic characters, from an abused wife and creepy headmaster to a novice writer/teacher and an ex-porn star. Recommended for all libraries.” —Library Journal

“For those who… merely peer at our region through the window of window of words provided by the likes of Wharton, or, in this case, Brundage—the Berkshires must seem like a dark place, more Philip Roth than Norman Rockwell.Somebody Else’s Daughter is a sinful (pleasure).” —Berkshire Living Magazine

“What happens when you know the clues but no the whole story? Every detail is imbued with meaning and complex motivation. Elizabeth Brundage’s SOMEBODY ELSE’S DAUGHTER is a drama that plays on our tendency toward suspicion and plot-making… Set in the Berkshires, in a prep-school community, SOMEBODY ELSE’S DAUGHTERsomehow maps the mind’s work in the weaving of intricate plots and also tells the story of an American social landscape fraught with self-delusion and cruelty to others. This novel offers no escape—it makes the transition from your world to that of its characters seamlessly. With drugs and illicit sex mixed into the brew, it’s a taut tale of suspense rounded out with sharp observations on parenting, adoption and the fraught business of keeping up appearances.” —New York Observer

“Just as her first novel drew on her experiences as the wife of a cardiologist, Somebody Else’s Daughter drew inspiration from Brundage’s background as an adopted child. The book, a psychological thriller, is about the search for identity, with characters who either are hiding their true selves or trying to find them.” —Hartford Courant

“This second novel from part-time Berkshire resident Elizabeth Brundage opens with a kind of prologue, an anonymous letter from a man to the infant daughter he is giving up in the summer of 1989. The language is tantalizing and tortured, brash and brilliant, and the entire letter grabs your head and pushes you underwater, holds you there — you can’t stop reading because you want to know what comes next; you can’t stop reading because the words are so beautiful… The novel is set in the Berkshires, and Brundage captures the subtleties of the region in a way few writers have managed. So often, an author will plunk her characters down in a particular spot and then throw in some place names to establish the setting; not Brundage. The people in this story are intimately influenced by their surroundings; the newcomer, Gallagher, and the prodigal, Claire, are useful in showing this, as they observe the locals from the outskirts of the social circle. As the secrets pile up, the story swirls to its conclusion, and manages to keep us guessing, but never does Brundage appear to lose control. She carefully unwraps the story and presents it, in all its beauty and complexity, for us to ponder. And while the style of the novel is vastly different from that of its prologue, the writing itself is heady and lush, enough to lose yourself in.” —The Berkshire Eagle

“Elizabeth Brundage, author of The Doctor’s Wife, has a new novel out this month. SOMEBODY’S ELSE’S DAUGHTER is set in western Massachusetts, in a beautiful town that is populated by well-off people who are hiding some unsavory secrets. Willa Golding is the cherished adopted daughter of Joe and Candace. Born to drug addicted parents, she now lives a privileged life, riding horses, attending private school and fulfilling her parents’ expectations. But during her senior year in high school, things begin to go awry. While doing community service, she meets a young prostitute who introduces her to drugs and Willa succumbs to their allure. Meanwhile, her parents have their own secrets and the headmaster of her school is showing more personal interest in Willa than is strictly appropriate. Add to the mix Claire, a sculptor, Teddy, her under-achieving teenage son and Nate Gallagher, an English teacher with a past he wants to keep hidden, and you’re in for an entertaining and suspenseful read.” —Capital District Living Magazine